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March Madness Strikes Woodinville Rotary

Steve Dolan and Tana Baumler welcomed new member Henry Villamil
at the March 4 meeting. Henry is a senior relationship banker at
Union Bank offices in Woodinville.

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Dean of the UW Bothell School of Business Sandeep Krishnamurthy discussed business ethics at the  February 25 meeting which included several guests from the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce. President Eric Greenwood presented Sandeep with a donation to Rotary First Harvest as appreciation for his sharing his thoughts on the day's topic.

Lisa Hammel and Jorge Gonzalez presented classification talks at Feb. 11 meeting.

Former Northshore Rotarian Al VanNess and Woodinville Rotary charter member John Ive discussed
how they compete in remote-control sailboard racing.

Club presented Becky Clark with a second Paul Harris Fellow for her splendid work
on the "It's a WRAP" event last October.

Prize winnings
go to the individual
Paul Harris Fellow
account in
Rotary Foundation
for the best and worst



Keep your eyes
on the NCAA


Ive, Jarvis, Samuelson lead sweet 16
   Commissioner Bob Guide today released findings for the first rounds of Rotary March Madness. Charter member John Ive has three -- count 'em -- three teams in the tourney heading into the next rounds Thursday and Friday of this week (March 27-28).
       Rabid sports enthusiast Terry Jarvis has two teams still alive. Jeff Samuelson is in danger of losing one of his two teams -- Kentucky and Louisville. -- They square off in a sweet 16 matchup.
       Tana Baumler is in the lead for points to be earned for backing the  "biggest loser".

Results of the first three rounds:
lorida - Gary Whitsell
     UCLA - Eric Greenwood
     Dayton - Donna Whitsell (won't give her pick to Gary).
     Stanford - Terry Jarvis

Virginia - Terry Jarvis
     Michigan State - John Ive
     Iowa State - Larry Duffield  (by surrogate)
     U Conn - Jorge Gonzalez
Arizona - Steve Dolan (trompled his Zags)
     San Diego State - Alex Hopkins (has the dark horse).
     Baylor - John Ive
     Wisconsin - John Ive (one of these won't survive to Elite 8).
Kentucky - Jeff Samuelson
     Louisville - Jeff Samuelson (both favored to win it all).
     Tennessee - Wayne Parris (wanted North Dakota State)
     Michigan - Tana Baumler


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Woodinville Rotary Club
Charitable Giving


Rotary Foundation/NCAA March Madness Raffle

As we’ve told you during the past two meetings, we hope to raise $640 for the Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fund and have some fun at the same time by conducting a raffle associated with the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament.  There will be 64 teams chosen by the NCAA committee to play in the tournament, and we have invited our members to “bet” on one or more teams at $10/ “bet”.  Your wager is tax deductable as a contribution to the Rotary Foundation.

We have created a board with 64 squares which represent each of the teams.  We have 14 empty squares left, so ask that you bring some money with you to our next meeting to fill out the board.  After the 64 teams are selected by the NCAA on March 16, we will randomly assign each of the teams to one of the 64 numbers on the board.  Each of the participants will then know which team they are “betting” on.  The 3rd and 4th place winners and the team losing by the largest margin (biggest loser) will receive $100 each.  The second place winner will receive $140, and the first place winner $200.  The winnings will be sent to the Rotary Foundation and credited to the winners’ Paul Harris Fellowship.  Please join us in making this a fun Club activity.

--- Contact Bob Guide

Presidential Appointment     President Eric Greenwood has appointed Bob Guide to head the program committee so members interested in proposing a program subject should contact Bob.
March 25 - Tuesday    Morning Meeting:  Classification talks and rare, featuring
Erv DeSmet, Tim House, Steve Dolan and Gary Whitsell
March 25 - Tuesday   5th Avenue Musical Theater presentation at Woodmoor, sponsored by Woodinville Rotary - 1:15 p.m. - Theme: Books and Libraries
       Learn More here
March 25 - Tuesday   Taping of Pat Cashman TV show "206" at Fremont Studios, 7 p.m.
   Open invitation to Woodinville Rotarians to pack the audience! 
               Fremont Studios           206 Show Review           "206"
March 27 - Thursday    "Thirstday" Thursday-newly renovated Woodinville Starbucks:
    6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Contact: Carol Lee 
March 29 - Saturday    Road Cleanup (weather permitting) Grange south on Redmond Road
   Contact Director of Community Service, Jeff Samuelson
March 29 - Saturday   Wine through the Back Door auction item; Rescheduled to a date to be determined. Contact Chris Boland
April 1 - Tuesday    Morning Meeting: DECA presentation.
April 1 - Tuesday   Make a Difference Scholarship interviews at SAS...two teams...9 a.m. 
April 4 - Friday   Annual Boy Scout breakfast at Bear Creek Country Club, Contact Greg 
April 8 - Tuesday   Morning Meeting: Auction procurement kickoff 
April 8 - Tuesday   Make a Difference Scholarship interviews at WHS at 9 a.m. 
April 16 - Wednesday   Monthly Board Meeting, 5:30 p.m., Brittany Park 
April 25-27 - Friday/Sunday   District Conference in Vancouver, B.C. 
To Be Determined   Video shoot for "Rotary Action News" television series opening October 11 at the Tulalip broadcast studios and auction scene.
To Be Determined   Josh the Otter appears at elementary schools through early June 
May 3 - Saturday   MAY Foundation concert fund raiser for music at SAS and Woodin 
May 3 - Saturday    Annual PUSH International fund raiser 
May 5 - Monday    Otter Spotter Day in Woodinville 
May 20 - Tuesday 30th annual Scholarship Breakfast, Sr. Center, Bothell
morning meeting that Tuesday.
May 22 - Thursday    ThirstDay Thursday at the Collective
To Be Determined   Josh the Otter appears at elementary schools during early June 
June 24 - Tuesday   Induction dinner at Crystal Lake Lodge 
August 2 - Saturday   Skateboard challenge at Rotary Community Park 
August 9 - Saturday   Acres of Music Benefit Concert (auction item) at 21 Acres 
August 16 - Saturday   Woodinville Festival at Wilmot Park and Community Parade 
October 11 - Saturday   W.R.A.P. 2 Auction, Dinner and TV inaugural live broadcast of "Rotary Action News" at Tulalip Resort